Illustration Friday – “Hierarchy” Entry

Illustration Friday Entry
Week of 5/1/09  – 5/7/09
Theme – Hierarchy

I’m participating in Illustration Friday; an ongoing weekly event, which inspires artists of all mediums to create themed work in a short period of time.

Every Friday, a new theme is chosen and posted on the Illustration Friday site. Artists spend the week producing their take on the topic–and the result is truly enjoyable.

I love the challenge of producing work with a theme, so I’m going to try to participate as often as possible. This week’s theme is Hierarchy.

Hierarchy by Ren Adams

Hierarchy by Ren Adams

(click for a larger image)

“Hierarchy” is done with traditional Chinese brush painting techniques on white rice paper. Each stroke is laid down only once and washes are built up for dimension.

The human is small, like a single grain of sand among billions, in the face of the universe… in traditional Chinese painting, humans are often painted small, in relation to nature; a reminder of the hierarchy of the flow of things.

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