Superstar Sunday – Eye Pop Art

This week’s featured artist is a seller I’ve admired for years. Before joining Etsy in January of 2007, her shop was one of the first I had visited in late 2006. I was amazed by the bold, mindful designs and unique personality of each of her pieces. When I ended up joining Etsy to sell, her shop was even the first one I “hearted” (added to my favorites).

Eye Pop Art = A new use for old records!

You might say right now–yeah, I did that when I was 12. So did I. I made a potato chip bowl with a rock in the front yard and an old Beatles record. Sure we did, but we didn’t do them like THIS. Or with this level of skill and technique. Or, with these beautiful, radiant designs!

Eye Pop Art is Christine Bailey Claringbold of  Portland, Oregon, USA. Even her name echoes her bold, colorful, eye-popping designs! She does Mandala art, home & garden decor, and all kinds of accessories made from recycled vinyl records.

Painted Mandala Record

A painted Paisley Mandala Record, suitable for turning any space on your wall into a spiraling doorway into Nirvana. The Mandala is a traditional geometric, concentric visual created by Hindu, Buddhists, and some Taoists, which are spiritual (and absolutely beautiful–even for those of you who don’t meditate).

Muted Green Record Bowl

Another beautiful creation. This one’s also a detailed Mandala (pronounced “MunDaLuh), except in a concave record bowl shape. She calls it “muted green” but it’s more like regal, royal, rich field of velvet green to me! Heh.

Yellow Mens Record Cuffs

Eye Pop Art also does record cuffs–for men and women! These funky, transparent yellow cuffs make use of old 45s. Mens Yellow Vinyl Roman Record Cuffs. Get some for your favorite rocker.

As you can see, her designs are bold and eye-grabbing. There’s nothing else quite like them. I’ve also seen people attempt to paint records before, but nothing like this. I must say she’s truly a pioneer of color, intent, and usefulness. I really love the fact that most all of her pieces are Mandalas. Spreading joy and universal interconnectedness in a most eye-popping way would probably make the Buddha mediate with joy.

Christine has been painting since 1994 and has also had her work featured on HGTV’s “Look What I Did!” and “That’s Clever!” segments.

As if that’s already not enough, she’s also a punk band back-up singer. Really.

Get Connected With Christine:
Her Etsy Shop –

Download FREE mandala coloring pages at my blog:

Hand Painted Mandala Wall Art - Carrots

Mandala Suncatcher Made from Recycled Clear CD Spacer - Rebel Rebel

Mandarin Orange Mandala Bowl

6 thoughts on “Superstar Sunday – Eye Pop Art

  1. Thanks, guys.

    I thought her work was cool. And her two-tone bowls, like the green one, are really striking from a design perspective. I think with bright colors and patterns, it’s easy to end up looking too “hippy” (which turns a lot of people off), but here I think Christine has a professional, polished look that turns into high end design, rather than just “bubbly.” Her concentric geometric patterns are insane. I don’t think I have the patience to try anything like that. LOL.

  2. I’ve been impressed with these from the 1st I’d seen them years ago. Part of why I thought I could figure out how to sell my portraits on vinyl. I love the consistency and the care.


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